Additional Services

Pet Hair Removal (Per Hour)

Remove pet hair from interior surfaces using a variety of specialized tools to restore your interior to a like-new appearance by eliminating pet hair.

From $75 per hour

All prices do not include tax

Interior Steam Cleaning:

Steam cleaning interior surfaces to provide an even deeper clean. This service may be used prior to the application of interior protection coating to remove heavier staining and grime.

Small: $50     Medium: $55     Large: $60      Extra Large: $75

All prices do not include tax

Vehicle Size Example

small vehicle detailing

Small Vehicles:

Porsche 911, Ferrari 488, Tesla Model 3, Mercedes C-Class

medium vehicle detailing

Medium Vehicles:

Porsche Macan, Tesla Model Y, BMW M5, Mercedes GLC

large vehicle detailing

Large Vehicles:

Range Rover, Mercedes S-Class, BMW X5, Mercedes GLE

large vehicle detailing

Extra Large Vehicles:

BMW X7, Full-Size Pick Up Trucks, Vans, Mercedes G-Class

Engine Bay Cleaning:

The engine bay is deep cleaned and degreased using a hot water pressure washer to optimize results.

Starting at $50

All prices do not include tax

Ceramic Coat Personal Items

The application of a coating will protect the item against staining and premature aging. Leather items will be protected with a thorough coat of IGL Ecocoat Leather.

Wallet: $50 Shoes: $80 Handbag: $80

All pricing does not include tax

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*Please note, paint correction services are not part of our mobile detailing. These services will only be performed at our shop in South Surrey. This is to have a controlled environment to produce the highest quality results.