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Frequently Asked Questions

What ceramic coatings do you offer?

Right now, Ceramic Pro is the only ceramic coating we currently offer, however, we are in the works of becoming certified for something new. Stay tuned!

My car is 4 years old. Can I still get it ceramic coated?

There is no timeframe for you to get the vehicle ceramic coated. We have done vehicles that are straight from the dealership and vehicles that are from the 1960’s! Anytime is a good time to get your vehicle ceramic coated!

How many days do I need to drop off my vehicle for XPEL (Paint Protection Film)?

We will need the vehicle for a minimum of 1 to 5 days depending on which area(s) will be protected with film.

How much in advance should I book an appointment?

Minimum 1 week. However, more in advance during peak season!

How do I maintain my newly ceramic coated vehicle by One Stop Car Care?

We send all of our ceramic customers an After Care PDF. If you are a customer of ours and did not receive one, please email us at and we will send it over as soon as possible!

What is the ultimate protection I can get for my vehicle?

The ultimate protection will always be XPEL topped off with a ceramic coating.

Are you 100% mobile?

Yes, we will come to your home, office, gym, etc. Anywhere we are legally allowed to detail a vehicle!

Do you use your own water?

Yes, we bring our own water supply and electricity if need be.

Do you do wet sanding?

Yes, we are trained and certified by Funked Auto Spa and KXK Dynamics – founder Jason Kilmer.

Why should I choose One Stop Car Care?

At One Stop Car Care, we are trained professionals who achieve the best results by using high-end professional products on all vehicles. Due to COVID-19, we want all of our employees and customers to stay safe, to ensure safety, we have COVID-19 protocols and contactless services in place.

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